Below are links to people and companies that I've enjoyed working with or whose services I've really rated:

Finding Business Accommodation

 A free service that helps companies find suitable  business accommodation.
Web Services 

Their site is dedicated to helping small businesses and includes a library of content to help small business owners make the most of the Internet and an easy to follow guide which shows you how you can have an effective website for around £100 or less.


Learning and Development
Ken Smith - Experienced Coach
Ken is a Fellow of the CIPD, an Association for Coaching Accredited Executive Coach and holds a Diploma in Coaching Supervision.  He works with a diversity of client agendas, his most recent work characterised by supporting individuals to re-engage with their organisations as they experience the impact of changing structures, increasing demands and conflicting values.  His special interest is Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, which he finds a particularly powerful way of enabling his clients to rediscover their resourcefulness.
Patrice Leriche - International Learning for Business
ILFB provides solutions to your communication challenges in foreign languages and cross-culture.
Lex McKee - Entertrainment
Entertrainment is 'entertainment with an educational message'.  In their case, this is usually articulated through dynamic delivery of training programmes that transform organisations, charities and individuals.  The lead trainer is 'Lex McKee', and if you'd like to know more about how specifically you will benefit from Lex's unique approach, you can click on the link now!