Professional Presence

Make your presence felt! 

How would you like your teams to have more personal impact? Connect with people more easily?                         or communicate more successfully?

Every day we unconsciously make assessments about    people’s confidence, capabilities, self-belief and emotions.  We do this by noticing their body language,   their voice, gestures, eye contact, physical presence, presentation and much more.

All these subtle clues tell a story, so it’s important that    you know what story you are telling and that it reflects the best about you.      


Through personal impact coaching and tailored workshops, we can help you and your colleagues enhance your physical and professional presence to take you to the next level; help you get your dream job; or deliver information in a way that really lands.

You can discover ways to appear more confident and capable as well as tools to develop trusting, productive and cooperative relationships.

Professional Presence coaching can help you:
  • Define and develop your leadership style
  • Prepare for an important presentation
  • Strengthen your communication & influencing skills
  • Develop your presence and delivery for interviews
 It helps people shine!
To discuss how we can increase impact and presence within your company please contact:
07879 634 289


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