'Personal Impact' Coaching 

Is for people who would like to be more aware of how they come across as well as the impact that they make on others.  You’ll develop ways to project your thoughts and yourself in a way that is authentic but also influential.
Over four coaching sessions you’ll understand:
  1. How you are currently perceived
  2. How you want to come across and the difference that would make
  3. Ways to increase your impact including posture, gesture, image, voice etc
  4. How you can continue to make impact and connect with others
Personal development coaching can also help you with issues such as defining and achieving goals, understanding and building on your strengths and skills developing personal confidence and developing your leadership style.   

Teams or groups can improve their impact and their ability to connect, build rapport and communicate with others, through short workshops.   These sessions can cover:

The importance of first impressions

First impressions are the filter through which people see us and thereafter judge us.  This workshop looks at the different things that people are noticing at that first meeting and how you can manage your body language and personal impact to make a good first impression.
The power of rapport building

By understanding the process of communication and the ways that we can connect with others in a short space of time, you can build instant rapport, resulting in stronger and more productive relationships that will make a real difference in all areas of life.

Body language for leaders - The story we tell with our bodies

We unconsciously leak our thoughts and let people know how we are feeling and what we are thinking.  Awareness of the signals you are giving out will help how you use your body language positively in different scenarios.

The Impact Compass and how to really connect

It has been found that people generally look for four key elements when they meet people.  This workshop will help you to really connect with people and build relationships in a short space of time.

The image you portray

This isn’t about right or wrong – it’s about deciding and managing how you want to come across and presenting yourself and using the power of your voice in a way that enhances your presence.
All sessions are tailored to the particular brief in order that each clients specific goals are understood and addressed in the time frame and fashion that suits them.
Make your presence felt!